Practitioners: Anna Walker

Bowen Technique is an extraordinarily therapeutic technique facilitating deep healing both physically and emotionally.

The gentle Bowen moves aim to calm your nervous system, enabling your body to engage with it’s own healing abilities more effectively, relieving tension and strain and assisting your body to return to a more balanced way of being.

A Bowen treatment consists of a series of gentle rolling like moves made on skin (or through loose, light clothing) while you lie comfortably on a treatment couch (or sit in a comfortable chair). There are frequent but very important pauses made throughout the treatment, which give your body time to respond to the Bowen moves and to begin the healing process.

Results can be remarkable, even after a first session.  Most people find that a small number of treatments are enough to facilitate relaxation, relief from pain and realignment within their bodies, even when issues have been long standing.

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From the moment you meet Anna you feel a sense of calm and understanding.
The treatment is delivered in a relaxed manner – in fact almost every time I go, I fall asleep!
I always feel much better after the treatment. Would highly recommend.

JD - Events Producer - Brighton

I am so glad I discovered Bowen and Anna! It's like a one stop MOT shop for my body.
From sorting out my carpal tunnel in one visit, to easing the stiffness from a broken wrist and much more besides. I have recommended Anna to many of my friends, family and colleagues and they have all, without exception, noticed fantastic results. Highly recommended.

Julie - Stand up comedian/compere - part time carer - Brighton

Bowen for ME/Chronic Fatigue

Anna is simply amazing. Over the years I have had Bowen treatment from her to help with my recovery from M.E/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraines, insomnia and stress.  Bowen has given me effective and lasting relief from these things, as well as a great sense of well-being . I always leave feeling like myself again and am grateful to have found such a talented and skilled practitioner.

Sara- Youth Worker- Yoga Teacher - London

Bowen for Back Pain

For a number of years I have suffered with lower back pain brought on by a number of issues.  In seeking help, I’d tried everything to no avail.  I knew little about Bowen before experiencing it but was open to try anything to help with pain relief and thank goodness I did.  My experience with Bowen has been nothing but positive, helping me considerably.  Anna has continued to be an incredibly supportive, expert practitioner.

Cassie- Actress-York

Having suffered from a bad back for a very long time and having tried almost everything out there, Bowen was suggested by a client of mine (I’m a Barber). This is no understatement, without Anna and Bowen therapy I don’t know where I would be. It is more than 2 years that myself and my family have been seeing Anna for a little tweek now and then, and I have only very good things to say. I highly recommend Anna and Bowen therapy to anyone that has issues with their body.

Mark – Barber – Southwick

Bowen really works.

The therapy takes place in a room that is very calming and relaxing. Then Anna takes the time to ask questions and thoroughly go through any health complaints I may be having.

During the treatment I always feel very relaxed and comfortable.

I also trust the work that Anna is doing and feel that because the treatment is gentle and non invasive, my joints are not being manipulated, I know it is safe.

I have gone to Anna with problems of headaches, back pain and stress and the work she does has really helped to alleviate many of those problems.

Martha - Film Maker - London

Bowen for Migraine and Headaches

I came to see Anna when I was at my wits end with persistent headaches and migraines.  They were often daily, and had become so debilitating that my GP referred me for an MRI scan.  When this came back clear, the only option left was strong daily medication, which I was told had limited chance of working. I was googling headaches when I came across Bowen. I would have tried anything by this point. I had 3 sessions with Anna, but the effect was pretty immediate. The headaches just stopped. At first I found the sessions hard to get used to - they were so gentle, it barely felt like anything was happening, but I quickly came to love them. I would often feel tired at the end of a session, but also relaxed and calm. Since then I have continued to have Bowen every few months.  The headaches have never come back. I cannot recommend Bowen, and Anna, enough.

Anna – Midwife – Brighton

I have suffered from tension headaches due to neck and shoulder tension for most of my adult years.  I tried different therapies which produced short term but not long term relief.  It was not until I tried Bowen Therapy with Anna that I found long term relief which needs only maintainence sessions about every 3 months.  For me this approach has worked.

Barbara – Brighton

Bowen for Knees

Anna Walker was recommended to me by a friend as I had a knee issue. After the treatment I felt elated and also the most relaxed I’ve felt since I was a child.

My knee issue, which had been ongoing for months and was so severe that I had to be on crutches and was not able to put any weight on it, was much improved after the first session, and by the third session was completely healed.

I also noticed an overall improvement in my health in general.

Caia - Contemporary Oil Painter - Brighton