Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can both significantly help people who have experienced Trauma. Nicola Renovich has extensive experience in Trauma Release work. Trauma can often lead to anxiety and depression, both Nicola Renovich and Rob Long have extensive experience helping people through anxiety and depression using Acupuncture.

Judith Peplow has also helped many people with anxiety and depression using full body Massage.

Judith has also worked helping people recover from Trauma using Healing.


Anna Walker uses Mind/Body Bowen, which explores how our emotions can become stored in the physical body as a coping mechanism through times of stress and trauma.  The gentle Bowen moves will focus on certain areas of the body to encourage long stored memory or emotion to come to the surface, to be acknowledged and then released in a safe and healing way. 

Anna also offers Homeopathy, which can be incredibly supportive if we have experienced trauma, whether it be obviously impacting upon our lives or not.  We can also use Homeopathy to support us (with sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, grief) when we are going through a traumatic time. If we find ourselves stuck in this state of trauma, carefully selected remedies can really help us to heal on a deep level so that we can move forward in a more positive light.