Back Pain and Back Pain Avoidance

Which Complementary Therapies can help with Back Pain?

If the back pain has come on suddenly and you are in constant pain then Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Structural Rebalancing and Massage are useful to quickly alleviate this. Once the immediate pain has been relieved it is important to address the underlying tension or problems causing the pain.

For this, or if the back pain comes and goes and you have had it for a while then the following therapies can all help: Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Bowen and Massage.

Back Pain and Back Pain Avoidance

Back Pain: Important Facts

Common Misconception

"My back was fine, then 'I put it out' lifting/turning/bending/sleeping etc."

Back Pain is like heart disease in that it develops due to a cumulative effect of many different risk factors; the more you have, the greater your chance of developing back pain!

Back Pain Risk Factors

The best way to avoid back pain is to avoid as many of the risk factors as possible. Keeping fit and doing a Pilate's class each week will dramatically reduce your chance of getting back pain (or having another episode of it).

Having a regular Remedial massage treatment is also an enjoyable way to keep your spine and joints mobile and healthy, helping to avoid back pain and osteoarthritis.


For a number of years I have suffered with lower back pain brought on by a number of issues.  In seeking help, I’d tried everything to no avail.  I knew little about Bowen before experiencing it but was open to try anything to help with pain relief and thank goodness I did.  My experience with Bowen has been nothing but positive, helping me considerably.  Anna has continued to be an incredibly supportive, expert practitioner.

Cassie- Actress-York

It has been a great help with my localised pain - in my knees and back. With the back up of the Chinese Herbs, it has also helped my phlegm a lot.

Lola, Ashburton

“Having suffered from a bad back for a very long time and having tried almost everything out there, Bowen was suggested by a client of mine (I’m a Barber). 

This is no understatement, without Anna and Bowen therapy I don’t know where I would be. 

I highly recommend Anna and Bowen therapy to anyone that has issues with their body.”


Mark B