Sports and Remedial Massage

Practitioners: Judith Peplow

Sports and Remedial Massage is a firm massage which attempts to specifically target and relieve areas of chronic pain and tension. It is not a relaxing massage but the benefits of the treatment leave the body feeling relaxed and revived.

Sports and Remedial massage can often be perceived as a treatment just for athletes and ‘Sporty’ people, but it is hugely beneficial to anyone with muscle issues even if they are not related to sport, for example someone who works on a computer all day can develop tension and pain in the neck and shoulders due to bad posture. By using a variety of Sports massage techniques it is possible to restore normal function in the muscles.

The aim of sports and remedial massage is to:

Regular, deep and specific massage is a great way to complement an active, healthy lifestyle or training schedule, reducing risk of injury and enhancing your performance.

Your first treatment includes a 15 minute consultation and assessment to produce an effective treatment plan to suit your individual needs.


Thank you Judith Peplow, the sports massage has really helped with my aching legs ahead of my Marathon, they feel so much better. I have seen Judith at the Haven Clinic over a number of years and I would highly recommend Judith

Zachary Nashed