Reiki Massage

Practitioners: Judith Peplow, Sarah Gilbert

Massage is an ancient art based on the universal benefits of touch.  Massage aids the circulation of blood, lymph and neurological impulses.  It helps the breakdown and elimination of waste products in the body.  It stimulates endorphins to relieve pain and give the feel good factor.

Massage can benefit everyone, young and old and many conditions both physical and emotional.  It can support other treatments for example by reducing muscular tensions prior to manipulative therapies.  It can also support counselling/talking therapies through relaxation.

My work is based on the fundamentals of swedish massage and incorporates acupressure, reiki, still hands, palm stones, breath and relaxation techniques.  My approach is one of healing, releasing tension and anxiety.  I have had particular success with stress related conditions, shoulder problems and chronic spinal conditions.


I have been having Massage and Reiki with Sarah to manage pain from long Covid. The therapies are helping hugely and I cannot recommend this lovely clinic highly enough.

Ruth Lerew