Aromatherapy Massage

Practitioners: Judith Peplow, Sarah Gilbert

Aromatherapy is a light and gentle form of massage, using essential oils which are individually blended for your needs. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves or bark of certain plants. Once applied to the body, whether by inhalation, massage into the skin or other means, the oils have a therapeutic effect on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

A treatment can help to detoxify and de-stress your body, improve circulation and alleviate fluid retention. Aromatherapy can help to reduce anxiety and stress levels thus promoting a healthy sleep pattern. It is ideal for all skin conditions including eczema and dry skin. Women often find that using essential oils can help with symptoms of menopause and menstrual problems. It may help ease painful joints, headaches and muscular aches and pains.Aromatherapy is an extremely relaxing treatment that incorporates the use of essential plant oils.

These oils have have specific healing properties. A few drops of these wonderfully aromatic oils are blended into a carrier oil and gently massaged into the recipients body. The oils are absorbed into the clients bloodstream via the skin and respiratory system. An aromatherapy massage is a delightful sensory experience with the benefit of detoxification, deep relaxation and the healing properties of the oils.

Initial Consultations for Aromatherapy Massage appointments include a short consultation and case history. A variety of infused herbal oils as well as pure essential oils are used, depending on the condition being treated.