Blog - 6 Easy Steps to a Blissfully Relaxed State of Mind

By Matthew Manning: 02 Sep 2016

  1. Make time. It can be hard to make time, but it's worth it. You'll probably need an hour, but any time you can spare is fine. Make sure you won't be distracted during this time.
  2. Wind down. The first step is to wind down from the fast pace at which life is so often lived nowadays. Very simple activities that allow your mind to wander free will work for this. Cooking a familiar meal, listening to music, taking a walk - you'll know what works best for you. The mind needs space to expand.
  3. Find positive emotions. Use your memory to locate positive emotions. Focus on a good moment in your life. It doesn't have to be anything major. Simply a nice smell, the sense of satisfaction of a small job well done or even a memory from years ago will do. Focus in on that memory for a while and let the emotion wash over you. Explore it for as long as you like.
  4. Give thanks. Consider one or two things in life that you are grateful for. They could be anything, but people often choose relationships, such as family and friends. Or perhaps it could be your health, or even someone who did you a small kindness recently. Let your mind dwell on that feeling for a while.
  5. Wave at negative thoughts floating past. When letting the mind float free, sometimes it ends up on negative thoughts. Try to notice these and let them go. It is important not to push them away, but just to notice them and accept them - just as you might wave at an acquaintance as you pass them in the street. Then gently refocus your mind to a positive thought or something you are grateful for.
  6. Deep focus. After a time, you will probably start to enter a more peaceful state of mind. Here it feels like you have more time ... and that time is your own. Now you have a choice. If you enjoy being like this, then carry on. If you have something meditative that will maintain the state, then now is the time to turn to that. Open a book you've been meaning to read, start a journal, draw a picture or whatever it is you are in to. But, if you do choose an activity, make sure it is one that does not disrupt the state of deep focus. Try to maintain the sense of deep focus for as long as you can - even if you focus on nothing more than enjoying the moment.

Try these six steps a few times a week and see how it makes you feel...