Blog - Combat Stress by Writing a Journal

By The Haven Team: 08 Aug 2016

Keeping a journal can act as a useful substitute for therapy if the individual isn’t ready or unable to access help. The therapeutic benefits are many, from reducing stress, increasing creativity, resolving disagreements with others to promoting self-knowledge. Even a few minutes per day can help immensely.

Many of us censor what we say. We even censor what we think. Often we don’t even admit to ourselves that we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Writing down our problems can lighten the burden. To work through our feelings, we need to know what they are. There is no better way to learn about our feelings and thoughts than to write them down. Sometimes, our thoughts and feelings are so confused we often cannot make sense of them until they’ve been laid out, one by one, untangling them from our emotions until a solution or reason why emerges. There is no right way. The point is that you can write anything and express your feelings freely. Just pick up a pen and paper and start writing about the how you are currently feeling. Don’t force yourself to write about traumatic experiences, just see where the process takes you. Forget about spelling and punctuation. One tip might be to destroy what you have written. Bury it. Burn it. Tear it up into tiny pieces and scatter it to the wind. Knowing that no one else will have a chance of reading it might encourage you to be much more honest. It can also be quite liberating to be freed from those thoughts once they’re physically separated from you in this way.

Journaling should be all accepting and non-judgmental. It is probably the cheapest therapy you will ever get. Best of luck journaling!