Blog - 6 Things to Get Resolute About!

By The Haven Team: 05 Jan 2016

  1. More self- love: catch yourself in those moments of judgement and self -blame…  acknowledge that you are doing your best. Put right what was put asunder. Go forwards in grace and ease.
  2. Add in your random acts of kindness; from smiling at your neighbours, holding open a door for someone or complementing a friend, random acts of kindness benefit everyone.
  3. Keep hopeful; in times of doubt “pick yourself up” with a special treat; visit a loving friend, take yourself on a new trip or adventure or simply repeat loving thoughts to yourself until you feel better.
  4. When things aren’t working out the way you want it’s worth remembering that a closed door is the wrong door. Something better is waiting for you.
  5. Trust in the process of life; knowing through difficulties come ease and that the natural ebb and flow; ups and downs are all a part of the journey.
  6. Make your dreams a reality. Focus on what you want and let it run through your mind each day; enjoy the images. Feeling’s, thoughts as if they are happening right now!