Blog - 5 Ways to Manage your Energy and Create Vibrant Health

By The Haven Team: 16 Dec 2015

When we look at the reasons behind a cold or a backache or digestive problems it’s often revealed that we’ve been stressed for a period of time. Work or family life has become too full and we haven’t had any time to recover and replenish ourselves. Maybe it’s become too difficult to relax when we do have space or we are unable to sleep well.

Managing our energy is essential if we want to stay healthy. It’s easy to do and just takes a bit of planning. And don’t worry about the time!!!! You may be amazed to find that by managing your stress levels you start to feel like you have more time.

  1. Make space; it’s all too easy with current lifestyles to over stretch our energy by simply packing too much in! Be sure to have at least 2 evenings during the week where you are doing nothing except relaxing at home.
  2. Find your personal de-stress techniques and make it a part of your daily life. This could be an hour in the gym, a swim, a 20 min meditation, a walk around the block, a long hot bath, pranayama (deep breathing), prayer, lying on the floor with your feet up the wall, a repeating mantra…. the list is endless… find yours and use them…  schedule them into your diary… one each day!
  3. Take a regular massage. No matter how often; weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 6 weekly; your body will prepare for the session and happily release stress for you regularly through this ancient practice of deep-relaxation.
  4. Detox. Eat lots of green vegetables or take green vegetable juices. Eat quality foods and drink plenty of water. It’s important to have treats and eat the foods that you love whilst maintaining your health through a diet full of nutritional food.
  5. Rest is an essential component to bringing our bodies back to a place of balance. This does not mean gardening or taking the children to clubs… allow yourself some time for stillness outside of your sleep time.
  6. Lie on the sofa with a good book or some sweet music. Watch an uplifting film, enjoy some slow yoga followed by a 20 minute relaxation. Play a meditation or relaxation CD.  Let the body be still and you will begin to notice how your energy recovers.