Blog - How to continue Functioning During Stressful Times

By The Haven Team: 25 Sep 2015

Why is it you may ask that some people are able to smile and bear some of the most difficult of life’s problems whilst others fall apart whilst burning the toast!

Resilience is ones ability to roll with the ups and downs of life; to remain functioning during trauma and stress.

While it’s true that resilience comes more easily to some, here are some common practices that will foster resilience, helping you to roll with life’s vicissitudes.


A daily practice of gratitude tunes you into looking for positive things. It programs you to look for the things that are still right when everything around you is wrong and falling to pieces. Write yourself a list of things you are grateful for in your life. Share your top three with a friend or post them on Facebook. This will uplift you and take you towards more positive experiences.

Make connections

Socially connected people are more resilient. Make it your goal to build your tribe of positive, like -minded people. Schedule calls and Skype sessions to stay connected so that your friends know what’s happening in your life. Then, when things are tough, you will have all the support that you need.

Get Help

It’s ok to accept help. That might be child care so you get a night off each week or some therapeutic support. Don’t wait until you’re burned out to get support. Find ways to balance your life with help so that you get your needs met on a regular basis.

Set A Goal

Creative people who achieve their goals are the most resilient. Find out what you want in one area of your life and go and get it. If you don’t decide the direction of your life, someone else will!!