Blog - Give Your Feet A Treat; It's World Reflexology Week!

By The Haven Team: 21 Sep 2015

When you think about how many miles your feet carry you every week, don't you think its time to give your feet a treat?  21st-27th September is World Reflexology Week so what better time to benefit from this wonderfully relaxing treatment.

Reflexology is surely one of the most relaxing of all complementary therapies.  When the body becomes deeply relaxed it starts to heal itself.  Reflexology reduces stress and considering that long term stress can reduce the functioning of your immune system by up to 50% it can also benefit the immune system and help to maintain good health.  

In reflexology the body is mapped out as 'reflexes' on the feet so applying pressure to these reflexes can help the whole body. In this way it can help a wide range of health conditions.  Clients have reported improvements in digestive conditions such as IBS and colitis, sleeping better, pain relief and easing of tension, and hormonal balancing.  Clients have also noticed a reduction in anxiety, feeling more balanced emotionally, increased energy levels and generally feeling much better in themselves. Reflexology is known for rebalancing the body and mind.

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