Blog - 8 Steps to A Heavenly Bath and Peace-filled Sleep

By The Haven Team: 08 Sep 2015

  1. Convert your bathroom into your personal spa.
    Turn off the phones and turn down the lights. Light 3 or 4 candles and place them around the room. Select some soothing music.
  2. Run your bath
    Select a warm to hot temperature. Up to 95 degrees F is recommended. Hotter baths can actually irritate your nervous system.
  3. Add Salts
    Sprinkle Epsom salts into your tub as it begins to fill. Read our blog on Epsom Salts for more information. These salts will soothe aching muscles, ease cramping, relieve stress, increase circulation and even detoxify your skin.
  4. Add Suds
    Pour in some bubbles and luxuriate; try Neil’s Yard Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath or an Organic scent free bubble Bath like Lavera. Add essential oils like lavender and rose or lemon and grapefruit. The scents will take you to a deeper place of relaxation.
  5. Exfoliate Well
    Before getting into your bath, use a soft brush or an exfoliating mitt and gently buff to get rid of dead skin cells. Make long sweeping circles towards the heart, up the legs and up the arms. This will reveal soft plump skin.
  6. Lie Back and Indulge
    Now its time to lie back and fully indulge. Enjoy a soothing herbal tea or a health-full smoothie or juice. Take some deep breaths and let your lungs fill with the sweet aromas. Let your mind become spacious, as you receive the music and relax.
  7. Soft and Fluffy
    Yes drying off on luxury towels and wrapping in a warm cosy gown is all part of the Spa Treatment!!
  8. Drop Into Bed and Slumber peacefully