Blog - 5 Very easy ways to bring some movement into your super busy day

By The Haven Team: 22 Jul 2015

  1. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and do a 10-minute workout. Yes, it counts!
  2. Buy a jogger and run with the kids; they'll love it.
  3. Talk to your partner and let him or her know that you need at least one hour, three days a week for your fitness. He will be very happy to see your body shape up!
  4. Use your lunch break to do some quick exercises. e.g. 5 star jumps/ 5 high kicks plus a forward bend, side stretch and back bend (10 mins) or take a mini- jog around the block.
  5. Live an active lifestyle with your children: go on walks, play ball, hike, canoe, climb and swim.