Blog - Spring Clean Your Life with Energy Healing

By The Haven Team: 25 Mar 2015

How Can it Help Me?

Just as we can look after our physical body by eating well, exercising and having massage so we can look after our inner self. One way of doing this is by having  energy healing. Our inner self includes our emotions, our mind and our energy  system. Of course the outer and inner are not separate and nurturing one undoubtedly benefits the other.

Energy healing can help us to let go of excess emotional baggage and past problems.  Having energy healing is like spring cleaning the house, clearing away unwanted debris and clutter.  It can help us to get over trauma and loss, from relationship break ups or bereavement, for example.  It can give us a fresh perspective on current problems, clearing the mind and calming the emotions so we feel more able to cope and sort things out.  It can work on changing unwanted behavioural habits, such as anger or anxiety.

On a physical level, energy can be channelled to strengthen and re-energise the physical body during or after illness.  It can help combat infections or release trauma held in the body from past injuries or accidents.  Last but not least it can relax and revitalise you on all levels.

The main healing modality I work with is Vortex Healing® which uses Divine Energy and Consciousness to bring about transformation and lasting results.  The energy follows intention so will work where it is asked to and where it is most needed.  Most of all it feels very lovely to receive!!