Blog - Put a "Spring" In Your Step

By The Haven Team: 24 Mar 2015

As the sap rises so does our energy and we may begin to feel up-lifted in our bodies and our mood. This is a big change from winters stillness; when we “curl up” and “hibernate”. It requires a “shift of gear”. We may find ourselves opening up to social events and then wanting to close down again and wrap up in the comfort of our homes. This is all perfectly normal as we make the transition from Winter to Spring.

In Chinese Medicine it is said that the change of the season is an excellent time to have a treatment or a short course of treatments. This is to help the body integrate the new energy coming in.

We are very happy to support you with this change at the Haven. Give us a ring on 01364 654954 and choose from our wide range of therapies.

Self Help Tips


Spring is the most creative time of the year and bringing more creativity to our lives can help us flow with the Spring-time . Enjoy cooking, knitting, collage, painting, creating new work plans, creative play with children. Anything that gets your creative juices flowing will bring happiness and fulfilment at this year-time.


The Spring energy is strong and outward in character. To be in harmony with this energy our bodies need more exercise than at other times of the year. All movement is good. Do what you enjoy or try something new; Yoga, tai-chi, circuit training, swimming, tennis, squash. Go for a power walk or take a run round the block. Your body will reward you with a release of pleasurable endorphins, higher energy levels and a clear mind.

Express Yourself

Sing, dance and say what you’re thinking! The spring energy is all about communication and expression.


Get involved with a collective project. Spring is very much about collaboration and community.