Blog - Winter Warmer - Hot Stone Massage

By Judith Peplow: 20 Jan 2015

With the ground looking decidedly frosty in the mornings what could be better than having a hot stone massage to really warm you up?  Hot Stone Massage dates back to ancient India and China and was more recently used by Native Americans.  So how does hot stone massage help you?

The stones used are smooth basalt volcanic stones which retain the heat well.  They are heated up in hot water and then used with aromatherapy oils to massage the body.  Apart from feeling completely luxurious the advantage is that the heat goes deep into the muscles and fascia allowing them to soften and relax.  The heat relaxes muscles more quickly and more deeply than ordinary massage and soothes the nerve endings. The combination of these things eases muscle tension and relieves pain.  The heat warms the skin allowing better absorption of therapeutic oils and the effect of heat on the body is deeply calming.

If you are suffering from tension in the back, neck or shoulders then you could try the legendary ‘Back Melt’.  This massage treatment uses the hot stones to literally ‘melt’ the muscles and when they are warm and pliable deep tissue massage techniques work on areas of tension.  The heat from the stones prepares those areas for deeper work making treatment more effective and less painful. The treatment continues alternating hot stone massage and deep tissue massage to leave your back, neck and shoulders feeling amazing.