Blog - Winter Wind-down

By Hannah Wisby: 20 Jan 2015

January; a time of long dark nights, crunchy grass and slippery pavements, of cowering in doorways against the sheeting rain… A time when the urge to hibernate creeps upon us: The warm nest, the peaceful cave, the deep dark burrow underground beckons…

And yet so many of us mistake this call as a lethargy, a low mood, a ‘simply-can’t-be-bothered-with-it-all’, and we can feel like something is just WRONG! Rather than trying to fix or change, to push or pull, or simply collapse in a state of melancholy, entertain – if you will – the notion that these are but symptoms, calling us back into the rhythm of things. This is a time to be still. To be content with the little things. To give ourselves as much time and space to rest as we can, given the continual ‘demands’ life often places on us. We can’t really truly hibernate – but we can slow down and take the opportunity to go inside ourselves, into the inner depths, to the stillness at the very core of our beings.

This is the natural, cyclical way of rejuvenation – out of which, in due time, the seed will sprout, the flower will bloom – and the sap will rise once more. Until then I invite you to embrace the dark times, and renew yourself