Blog - 7 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Colder Months

By The Haven Team: 27 Oct 2014

Drink plenty of Water

It’s all too easy to dehydrate in the cooler months as we reach for a cup of tea instead of a glass of water. Keeping our water intake up is essential to good health. Try some herbal tea’s which are less dehydrating than black tea or coffee. Plus enjoy warm water with a twist of Lemon (very detoxifying) or add ginger (warming) or honey for an energy boost. And did you know that honey also boosts your immune system!

Keep Warm

It may sound obvious but it’s common for people to rush out of the house without adequate clothes.

Wear a warm vest… something right next to the skin in a natural fiber such as cotton, light wool, hemp or bamboo.

The Chinese are very aware of their “Kidney health.” They wear Kidney warmers all through the cold months. These thick felt belts keep the lower back (and Kidneys) extra warm. You can get yourself a Kidney warmer (online) or simply wrap a warm scarf around your waste.

Eat Well

As the cold weather arrives, we find our diet naturally changing from the light salads of summer to heaver, richer food. Enjoy earthy nourishing foods like root vegetables, meat stews and long bakes. Plus eat lots of green veg. so that the body can detox and recharge.

Sleep Long

Sleep more. As the cold weather and the longer nights come in, it’s natural for our bodies to want more rest. Think of winter as a time for stillness and reflection. Let yourselves sleep early and wake a little later.

Move regularly

We move less in the winter months but it’s still essential to take a little exercise to help our immunity and keep oxygen and fluids moving through the body. We need to physically move in order to detoxify and keep our circulation healthy. Enjoy one or more of the following: walking, swimming, dancing, sport, cycling, running, rebounding, yoga, tai-chi, Polates, Zumba. It’s so easy nowadays with so many classes to choose from!


Your gut is responsible for over 60% of your immune system so maintaining a healthy digestive system is essential to good Immunity. For more information on gut health see our blog post.

Complementary Theraputic Help

By reducing stress and addressing gut health and Immunity we give our bodies the support we need to be well during the cold months. Here at the Haven our health practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and techniques to support you. The following treatments are especially good for digestion and immunity: Kinesiology, Acupuncture or Shiatsu Massage.