Blog - Health and How to have More of It by Hannah Wisby

By The Haven Team: 01 Sep 2014

For many, health can be elusive and mysterious, for others something they work hard at every day. For others, health can be something they take for granted - something that 'just comes naturally'. So what exactly is this thing called 'health' - and how can we foster it in our lives?

I am the Craniosacral Therapist at The Haven, and have seen remarkable results treating clients with a wide variety of physical and emotional concerns - from structural injuries, sciatica and migraine, to stress, anxiety, and deep emotional pain. But what I find even more exciting is that clients often report feeling inexplicably 'better', 'happier', 'more like myself again', 'more alive'. So what is this all about?

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) has its origins in the work of Dr William Sutherland, an osteopath in the early 1900s. He made a revolutionary discovery through close observation and palpation of the body; that the bones of the cranium (head) moved as if by their own volition in a breath-like motion, and that this movement was connected to the health of the client.

Through the development of CST we now know that the entire body expresses these subtle, coherent, and rhythmic fluctuations as one holistic organism. This has been termed 'primary respiration', and is understood to be the expression of intrinsic health. As my teacher, Franklyn Sills, states:

“An ordering principle called primary respiration manifests as a vital life force, or biodynamic potency, in the human body. This potency manifests in the fluids of the body and orders and integrates all cellular and tissue function from the moment of conception until death.”

Ponder for a moment the implications of this, if you will. We each have an encompassing system of health which organises our entire mind-body system; including, but not limited to, the cardiovascular system, nervous system, skeletal system etc. Primary respiration is constantly maintaining the best possible balance and homeostasis - even in the most desperate circumstances.

However, we do also encounter difficulty and disease throughout life, and as this is rarely fully processed and resolved at the time, it is stored and held within the body. What often results is a complex web of interrelating compensations, experienced in a variety of ways with seemingly unconnected symptoms. Consequently, primary respiration can be overworked or locked up, and the expression of health is dampened down, incoherent, or vague.

Treatment using Craniosacral Therapy therefore focuses on supporting and strengthening primary respiration in a nurturing, gentle yet direct manner, and assisting the client’s own 'embodied potency' (life force) to transform and release the old conditional patterning as a natural, integrated, expression of health - literally from the 'inside-out'.

This allows the client’s system to come back into greater balance and ease, organised around a free-flowing central axis, correlating to the spine and central nervous system. Primary respiration is then free to express in an unimpeded breath-like motion which radiates throughout the body. Not only does this help the whole body-mind system to function more optimally, smoothly, and coherently - it also feels good!

So you see, health arises from within and is our natural state of being. This means that whatever your personal circumstance, it is always possible to deepen your experience of vitality, inner peace and well-being