Blog - Trigger Point Therapy

By : 18 Jul 2014

Trigger points are one of the commonest causes of pain in the body. They are small bands of contracted muscle that shorten muscles and cause localised and referred pain. They may cause weakness, numbness or a tired and heavy feeling in the muscles they affect. They can be caused by injury, overuse or repetitive strain. Releasing them can give instant results increasing mobility and relieving pain.

In a recent case history I treated Mr M, a professional musician, a jazz and rock drummer. He had undergone an operation on his left shoulder 4 months previously to remove a spur of bone and repair a torn tendon. He was in a lot of pain and could not lift his arm above shoulder height. After one treatment working on trigger points he was able to lift his arm above his head again and put his jacket on without using his other arm to do it. He also noticed a significant reduction in pain. After 4 treatments his arm and shoulder was ‘95% better’. He had much greater range of motion and had recovered a lot of the fine control of his arm movements, a vital factor for a jazz drummer. He had no more pain and only felt muscle weakness in his arm. After 6 treatments he was still pain free and the weakness had gone so he decided to come once a month for maintenance, to stretch and loosen the muscles and prevent any trigger points returning as a result of repetitive strain from drumming.

Clients have reported improvements in stiff necks, dizziness, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, repetitive strain, sore shoulders and pain in other parts of the body after receiving trigger point therapy. If you have been suffering pain, loss of mobility or muscle weakness why not give trigger point therapy a try.