Blog - Energy Healing - An holistic approach to health

By Judith Peplow: 02 May 2014

Just as we can look after our outer self, our physical body, by eating well, exercising and having massage so we can look after our inner self. One way of doing this is by having healing. Our inner self includes our emotions, our mind and our energy system. Of course the outer and inner are not separate and nurturing one undoubtedly benefits the other. Having energy healing is like spring cleaning the house, clearing away unwanted debris and clutter. We all carry excess 'baggage' and it can feel like such a relief to leave it behind.

People are drawn to come for energy healing for a wide range of reasons. Some people come just to relax or to clear and calm their mind. It can strengthen and re-energise the physical body, especially during or after illness, and can help combat infections. It is very good for helping us to let go of trauma and can help us to get over emotional loss. It can bring clarity and help us to deal more effectively with problems. It can help us to let go of past problems. It can work on clearing the roots of emotional issues and in this respect can be seen as non-verbal counselling. Where such issues are resisted they become suppressed in a person’s system causing energy imbalances which may eventually manifest as physical illness. Healing works on a very deep level to bring these issues to the surface, allowing people to accept and let go of them. It can release conditioning allowing unwanted habitual behaviour, such as anger, fear or anxiety to be changed. The release of issues and conditioning makes us feel lighter and clearer and brings us back to the truth of who we really are, breaking down the illusion that we are separate from life.

I work mainly with Vortex Healing® energies which follow active intention so can focus directly on specific problems or issues, whatever is required by you on the day. When you come for a session I will talk to you about what you would like to gain from the treatment and when we have agreed what to focus on you can lie down. You remain fully clothed and will be made warm and comfortable. I will rest my hands gently on the body while you relax and enjoy the lovely energy. I often rest my hands on the head but may move to other parts of the body if they require attention.