Practitioners: Virginia Compton

Treatments: Ayurveda Yoga Wellness, Full Body Oil Massage, Head Neck & Shoulder massage, Holistic Massage, Invigorating oil massage, Oil pouring on forehead, Rose Honey Massage, Vasti

07522 872041

I teach Yoga and Ayurveda in the UK and internationally. My passion is to share the ancient philosophies and benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda to help others to find peace of mind and well being in a holistic way in the modern world. To enhance this experience I offer retreats, in depth workshops and individual private and therapeutic sessions, lifestyle advice and therapeutic massage.

I share the practices which I myself practice and of which I have personal experience. Practices offered are varied, adapted for the individual and the group and range from Lifestyle consultations focusing on Ayurvedic tools, Massage therapies that are drawn from the Ayurvedic tradition, Well Woman Yoga and Yoga therapy styles as well as Yoga Nidra.

I came to Yoga and Ayurveda myself after some ongoing health issues, and have completely solved these using Ayurveda and Yoga practices. I worked as a nurse in the NHS for over 27 years, both in acute hospital settings and latterly in addiction services. I bring all of this experience to what I offer to my clients today. In addition to this I have experienced incredibly challenging times in my personal life and have no doubt that these practices have enabled me to self care and maintain my mental health. I have more recently developed an interest in womens health, in particular menopause, and enjoy very much sharing this wisdom.

In my sharing of everything I offer I aim to be realistic about life and its challenges and therefore may share some of my own life experiences in order to illustrate how Yoga & Ayurveda can help you to overcome the difficulties and challenges which we can all face on a daily basis.

I incorporate Yoga and Ayurveda myself as part of my everyday life. I love to practice and fully embrace creativity, fluidity and holistic approaches using the physical as well as philosophical aspects of these ancient arts. I am am member of the Independent Yoga Network, Yoga Alliance and the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


I had an Ayurveda Massage with Virginia on Saturday, highly recommend treating yourself!! The Haven has a lovely spa feel. I literally floated away after my treatment and will definitely will be back for more. Thanks Virginia


Thank you Virginia for an amazing Ayurveda hour - a beautifully fluid and flowing massage with warm oil. So grateful, it was magical and made my weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you.