Practitioners: Jenny Allinson

Treatments: Biodynamic Massage

I studied Medicine at UCL and qualified as a doctor in 2001. Over the years as a GP I have had the privilege of being invited in to people’s lives at times of great vulnerability, distress, and also joy. I started to see that a person’s sense of wellbeing was not simply the product of the absence of illness. Indeed, many with significant medical diagnoses had high levels of wellbeing, and many without any medical illness could be deeply ill at ease (or having "dis-ease"). As a result of this apparent paradox, I became very interested in the mind-body connection, which in turn lead me to train at the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy in January 2018.  I qualified as a Biodynamic Massage Therapist in June 2020, and will soon be working as a Biodynamic Psychotherapy Trainee. I look forward to growing in this new branch of meaningful work, and would ideally integrate the two branches in the future.