Practitioners: Rob Long

Treatments: Acupuncture

07764 586866

Lic Ac, MBAcC, BHTec, BItec, MA (Hons)

Rob graduated in 1996 from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM), a course fully-accredited and recognised by the British Acupuncture Council. As such he now has a wealth of clinical experience spanning almost a quarter of a century.

After receiving his Masters degree from the University of Edinburgh, Rob entered the world of business and became an award-winning commercial writer. By the early 1990’s he also ‘discovered’ Acupuncture and immediately immersed himself in the study of Eastern healing systems, martial arts and philosophy. This inevitably led to a thorough training in Acupuncture, followed shortly by an additional qualification in Tui Na – the traditional techniques of Chinese Therapeutic Massage. (Body Harmonics Institute, Cheltenham).

Whilst at the Acupuncture College Rob was also introduced to Chi Kung, an ancient Chinese healing modality related to T’ai Chi. This too became a great passion and over the years Rob has trained with many teachers, including Shen Hongxun and Bruce Frantzis. Rob himself has been a long-standing teacher of Chi Kung, either in classes or privately, but now tends to use his skills more as an additional tool to empower his Acupuncture practice. He is also the author of ‘Feeling The Way’ (published by Singing Dragon), a book steeped in Daoist philosophy and aimed at teaching others how to use Chi Kung healing techniques in their existing medical practices.

During the past few decades Rob has developed a style of Acupuncture that is solidly rooted in the arts of ancient China and is a full integration of all the training he has received in styles such as Five Elements and TCM, whilst also reflecting his keen interest in Japanese and South East Asian acupuncture modalities. All of these can be used as ‘stand-alone’ therapies or may often be combined as appropriate with Tui Na massage and Chi Kung healing within the same treatment. Rob’s approach is both direct and minimalist. Having been in practice for so long Rob has inevitably acquired experience in treating a vast range of conditions, but would probably name ‘stress and anxiety management’ as his main speciality. As with so many practitioners, Rob’s enthusiasm for honing his existing skills whilst acquiring new ones, represents an ongoing, lifelong commitment.


I have known Robert Long for many years and have valued his gifts as an acupuncturist, healer and masseur. He has put me back on track on so many occasions when my body was struggling. Rob is a huge asset to any team of alternative therapists. Reliable and easy to talk to, his gifts to his clients are many, and my friends and I would not be the people we are today without his invaluable help.

Bridget C

I cannot recommend Rob highly enough - over a period of 15 years, I’ve found him impressively skilled and extremely professional. As a practitioner he has a refreshingly down-to-earth, flexible and intuitive approach, accompanied by excellent communication skills. I find him to be a very safe practitioner who also provides balanced and well-informed advice.

Sue P

I have found Rob Long quite the best practitioner with whom I’ve had the fortune to engage. Empathic, attentive but with a clear resolve to achieve results, Rob's treatment had an immediate effect on my chronic migraine condition. I went from three to four migraines per week to just one every six weeks. I can whole-heartedly recommend Rob Long as an acupuncturist of great experience and utmost professionalism.

Chris W

I saw Rob very regularly in Truro, Cornwall. Thanks to Rob’s expertise, skill and passion for acupuncture, I was rescued many times from terrible sciatic pain. Our loss here in Cornwall is certainly Devon’s gain. A true professional.

James D

Rob Long was recommended to me nearly twenty years ago. I was at a critical point in my life, with recent past traumas and big challenges ahead, so I needed to be at my best - physically, emotionally, psychologically, even spiritually.

Lynn D

Rob Long was recommended to me after a cycling accident. My left knee was damaged and prescribed painkillers weren’t working. Rob took the time to understand exactly the difficulties I faced. I wasn’t a fan of needles, however I was reassured that the whole process was explained to me and was actually remarkably painless. Thank you Rob!

Adam J

I have visited Rob for some time now, and would highly recommend him. He has always provided excellent treatments; acupuncture for menopause symptoms and general wellbeing, and Traditional Chinese Massage for a shoulder injury. Wonderful!

Deana R

Rob has treated me twice monthly for 12 years and is a superb acupuncturist and healer. He has also treated most of my overseas family, helping immeasurably with, amongst other things, their jet lag. I am now 80 years old and feel Rob has played a major part in my overall wellbeing. From general aches and pains to more specific treatments like arthritis and frozen shoulder he has been able to give me great relief. As he now lives in Devon, Cornwall’s loss is Devon’s gain!

Ann B

I have been a patient of Rob's for about 20 years. He has treated me for various things, both physical and emotional; always with great understanding, kindness, and sympathy. I now count him as a friend who also happens to be an extremely good acupuncturist!

Rose B

I have known Rob Long for nearly 20 years. I started seeing Rob for treatment for asthma and general well-being. Over the years I have also received treatment for sciatica and other ailments, especially peri-menopause. After all sessions with Rob I have seen a significant improvement and would thoroughly recommend his services to anyone. Rob is an amazing practitioner who is also a great listener. I trust him implicitly.

Suzy G

For over twenty years Rob has been my Acupuncturist. In this I have found him to be knowledgeable, caring, skilled and easy to be with. Well-read and impressively grounded in Chinese medicine, he has been able to explain his treatments in layman's terms; with both feet firmly on the ground! When you find a practitioner with Rob's quality and integrity, they are like a sound life investment that’s well worth hanging on to. Practitioners like this are so rare!

Chris P

Rob Long gave me my first introduction to experiencing Qi. The results have never failed to impress me, and so he has treated me now for many years. This, combined with Rob’s Daoist ‘healing hands’ techniques, means that I couldn’t recommend anybody better if you were wanting to maximise your energy and feel like a ‘new person’. I also had the absolute pleasure of one-on-one training from Rob in Qi Gong. There is no one else who I've trusted so much to cultivate my energy

Baz C

I was treated by Rob over a number of years, and found him to be an excellent practitioner who was attentive, practical and sensitive. He listens well and explains each treatment clearly, giving useful advice. I always felt that he immediately understood my needs. He is also a very nice man who brings a wealth of life experience to his work as an Acupuncturist! I would recommend him highly.

Christine T

To say that I value Rob’s expertise and intuition would be a gross understatement. Having gone to him for help with late onset labour, he immediately raised a ‘red flag’ that quite possibly saved the life of my daughter. My baby was born via emergency C-section and then spent a week in ICU. Had Rob not picked up that something was wrong I honestly don’t know what might have happened. (Nobody else had). After this traumatic experience I suffered severe itching and blisters all over my body, which were treated unsuccessfully with medication. I also had extreme anxiety. One session with Rob and the blisters and itching subsided, and he somehow switched off my anxiety! Everyone needs Rob Long in their health toolbox.

Lucy C

I have attended Rob Long's acupuncture clinic for 10 years. He has treated my painful knees, shoulders, thumbs, wrists and neck, as well as 'balancing up' meridians as necessary. I have always felt a whole lot better after each treatment.

Eileen T

My first visit to Rob was for a very acute shoulder that refused to settle despite many visits to a chiropractor. After only a couple of Rob’s treatments my shoulder function was returned to normal and I have happily continued seeing him ever since for treatment of many general health problems.

Monica D

I found my sessions with Rob Long extremely helpful and satisfactory. His treatments definitely contributed to the recovery of my voice and my recovery generally from a major operation. He is also very good company and we enjoyed each others' conversations. Many thanks to him.

Tom Walker

Writing on behalf of my Father who travelled up yesterday from Cornwall to see Rob Long for Acupuncture.  He has been suffering a lot of pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis style symptoms.  After the initial consultation and treatment he felt much better and could feel his feet again.  Rob is extremely talented, professional and knowledgeable and I am extremely grateful for his help.  He will definitely be back for a course of treatment. Thank you Rob.